At EndoDentist we provide a wide range of dental services. Starting from dental review, through general dentistry, root canal, prosthetic & aesthetic treatment,  smile design and implantology. Below is a price list of selected treatments performed in EndoDentist.

The total cost of the treatments is determined individually after presenting the treatment plan.
We accept payments in cash, by credit card, prepayment by bank transfer.
Descaling 300 zł
Hygienization package (scaling, sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation) 400 zł

The best prevention is daily oral hygiene – brush, thread and rinse aid. However, even the best-cleaned teeth will eventually become covered with sediment and scale. To enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile, you should regularly remove them in the dental clinic. Systematic hygiene will protect you against dental and periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis, which can lead to premature tooth loss.

Before starting dental treatment, it is recommended to perform a hygienization treatment that increases the effectiveness of treatment because it eliminates harmful microorganisms from the mouth.

At EndoDentist, all oral hygiene procedures are performed by certified dental hygienists.

Stages of oral hygiene


Scaling is a procedure for removing tartar, which is formed as a result of mineralization and hardening of dental plaque. Causes of tartar are different – from as obvious as smoking, through genetic conditions, malocclusion, or poorly made fillings, to a diet rich in carbohydrates and dairy products. Scaling is usually a painless procedure. Only in exceptional situations of high inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth can pain occur – in such a situation we perform scaling under local anesthesia.


Sandblasting involves removing deposits and unsightly discoloration resulting from smoking cigarettes and consuming colored food products, e.g. coffee or tea. For this purpose, a special sandblaster is used, giving a stream of water under pressure mixed with dental sand. This procedure is performed in order to eliminate harmful bacteria from the oral cavity, enable precise assessment of carious defects on the contact surfaces of teeth, as well as to improve the aesthetics of a smile,


Polishing is an important stage of hygienization. In EndoDentist, it is made using polishing pastes, whose task is to smooth the surface of the teeth. Polishing protects against rapid build-up of limescale and deposits and ensures a pleasant feeling of smooth teeth.


Fluoridation is the final stage of oral hygiene. It is a preventive procedure aimed at strengthening tooth enamel and increasing its resistance to caries. The fluoride released from the preparations used is built into the tooth enamel, strengthening their structure, making them more resistant to acids and bacteria that cause tooth decay. In addition, fluoride remineralises small enamel defects and reduces tooth sensitivity. Fluoridation treatment consists in applying a foam, gel or varnish with a high content of fluoride to previously cleaned teeth.


Important information

  • In accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization at EndoDentist, we recommend planning hygiene visits every six months.
  • We do not carry out hygienization in patients with herpes labialis because it increases the risk of spreading the infection. This procedure should be performed after a period of complete healing.
  • Before the planned teeth whitening procedure, you should perform a hygienization procedure, because the teeth on which there are impurities will not bleach.