At EndoDentist we provide a wide range of dental services. Starting from dental review, through general dentistry, root canal, prosthetic & aesthetic treatment,  smile design and implantology. Below is a price list of selected treatments performed in EndoDentist.

The total cost of the treatments is determined individually after presenting the treatment plan.
We accept payments in cash, by credit card, prepayment by bank transfer.
Beyond whitening 1400 zł
Prevdent whitening 1700 zł
Overlay teeth whitening (overlays, gel) 140 zł
Premium Whitening Package - in-office whitening + overlays 2200 zł
Whitening of discolored tooth after root canal treatment 450 zł
Whitening of a discolored tooth after root canal treatment - another visit 150 zł

Who  does not dream of a beautiful, white, shiny smile? At EndoDentist, we offer two whitening methods – office and home. Make an appointment for a consultation appointment at which the dentist will advise you which method will be right for you.

Before any teeth whitening treatment, you must perform a hygienization treatment.

Whitening at the Clinic

This type of whitening takes place during one visit at EndoDentist and lasts about 1 hour. The effect is immediate. The treatment involves applying a whitening preparation to the enamel surfaces.

Overlay whitening

It is a method for which individually made dental splints and whitening gel are used. Splints are made for each patient based on impressions, which are taken by a dentist, thanks to which they are ideally suited to the oral cavity. Whitening with this method lasts about 14 days, but the effects can be seen much earlier. The patient applies the whitening gel to their splnts at home and puts them on at night.

Important information

  • Before the planned teeth whitening procedure, you should perform a hygienization procedure, because the teeth on which there are impurities will not bleach.
  • It should be remembered that whitening will not be filled and any prosthetic restorations: crowns, veneers. If there is a need to replace the anterior restorations, this should be done a minimum of 2 weeks after the whitening process is completed when the tooth color has stabilized. Dead and chemically discolored teeth are more difficult to whiten.
  • During the whitening period and 24 hours after its completion, you should use a white diet, i.e. the patient may not consume coloring products – coffee, red wine, beets, smoking is also inadvisable.
  • Teeth whitening contraindications are: pregnancy, breastfeeding, tooth decay. Patients from 18 years of age are eligible for surgery. At least 14 days before surgery, iron supplementation should be stopped.
  • The final whitening effect is very difficult to predict.
  • In different patients, the teeth react very individually to the preparations used in the whitening process.
  • Teeth whitening is safe for healthy teeth.
  • During and shortly after whitening, temporary tooth sensitivity may occur.