Our technologies


EndoDentist is a modern clinic of the 21st century.

Nowadays, medicine is not only about specialized knowledge and friendly service, but also new technologies that help doctors make an accurate diagnosis and take effective and precise treatment.

When choosing dental equipment and materials, we always follow the safety and comfort of our Patients. We have equipped our clinic with the highest class equipment and materials that allow for world-class treatment.


X-ray laboratory

At EndoDentist, we have our own X-ray laboratory with a very high-class dental X-ray, so our patients do not have to run around Krakow to take a pantomographic image. We take this picture in our Clinic on site, during the first visit, which allows us to formulate an individual treatment plan.

Premium dental chairs

We know that a visit to the dentist is still stress for many people. At EndoDentist, we understand the importance of patient comfort during surgery, which is why you will sit comfortably in our dental chairs by Stern Weber – the world leader. These armchairs are not only soft and comfortable, but also have modern diagnostic solutions and guarantee the best working conditions during treatment. Each chair has an intraoral camera and LCD monitor, thanks to which the patient can see the condition before and after the surgery. Our patients are in the hands of the best dentists in Krakow, who work with the latest generation and world-class equipment.

Intraoral camera

Stern Weber has equipped our chairs with intraoral cameras, which together with the LCD monitor enable visualization of the treatment process. A camera in the office is a beneficial solution for both the doctor and the patient. The high-quality image sent to the LCD monitor makes it possible to thoroughly review the condition of the teeth and present it to the patient.

Spot x-ray next to the dental chair

We have precise spot X-rays at every dental chair in EndoDentist clinics. It is an extremely modern solution, thanks to which root canal treatment is carried out quickly and efficiently, because the doctor takes photos of the treated teeth without moving the patient from the chair.

Surgical microscope

Tooth structures are very tiny, which is why the best dentists always work using magnification. The treatment under microscope covers very high precision of work thanks to the three-dimensional image with a large depth of field. It is applicable wherever small details decide about the success of the surgery. All root canal treatment at EndoDentist takes place using a surgical microscope.

Dental Loupes

Dental loupes are the doctor’s second eyes. They are used to work in magnification and serve for greater accuracy and precision of treatments.

Highest quality materials

A wide range of different materials are available on the dental market. What makes EndoDentist different from other Krakow clinics is absolute uncompromising choice in the materials we work on. We believe high quality materials guarantee the highest durability of our work. Our team is constantly testing new available materials, so as to always provide you with newest and best solutions.


Our clinic is equipped with its own sterilization room. Qualified dental assistants care about the sterility of the instruments used during the procedure.