At EndoDentist we provide a wide range of dental services. Starting from dental review, through general dentistry, root canal, prosthetic & aesthetic treatment,  smile design and implantology. Below is a price list of selected treatments performed in EndoDentist.

The total cost of the treatments is determined individually after presenting the treatment plan.
We accept payments in cash, by credit card, prepayment by bank transfer.
First visit (review, consultation, pantomographic x-ray, initial treatment plan) 320 zł
Periodic review 150 zl
Consultation 350 zł
Spot X-ray image 60 zł
Panthomographic X-ray 150 zł
Anesthesia free of charge
Caries treatment - light-cured filling from 350 zł
Aesthetic reconstruction in the anterior segment using a layered technique 620 zł
Composite reconstruction for prosthetic work (onlay / veneer) 350 zł
Tooth reconstruction with a fiberglass inlay - one root tooth 680 zł
Tooth reconstruction with a fiberglass inlay - multi-root tooth 750 zł

General dentistry is primarily about caries treatment.

We always clean the tooth from tooth decay and restore it using dental loupes or a microscope.

A good filling is one that cannot be seen – aesthetic, airtight and durable. Work in enlargement and the use of the best composites by GC – the undisputed leader among manufacturers of materials for aesthetic dentistry, allows maximum accuracy in mapping the anatomical shape and natural color of the tooth.

The scope of general dentistry also includes the reconstruction of broken teeth. Below we present the effect of such treatment in one of our patients.

At EndoDentist, we aim to make the treatment completely painless, which is why local anesthesia during the procedure is our standard for which we do not charge a fee.