At EndoDentist we provide a wide range of dental services. Starting from dental review, through general dentistry, root canal, prosthetic & aesthetic treatment,  smile design and implantology. Below is a price list of selected treatments performed in EndoDentist.

The total cost of the treatments is determined individually after presenting the treatment plan.
We accept payments in cash, by credit card, prepayment by bank transfer.

Prosthetic treatment involves rebuilding the tooth crown by using permanent restorations made by a dental technician in the laboratory.
Depending on your needs, we can rebuild a small tissue defect (inlay), a tooth lump (onlay), or almost the entire tooth structure (overlay).

With the help of veneers, however, we can rebuild damaged teeth, and give the teeth the desired shape, color, close the gaps between the teeth or lengthen them. In some cases, veneers can replace orthodontic treatment.

Prosthetic treatment always takes place in an enlarged manner, which allows to obtain the maximum satisfying aesthetic effects.

Prosthetic consultation 250 zł
Composite Onlay 900 zł
Metal-ceramic crown with ceramic grade 2200 zł
Crown, veneer, ceramic onlay E-max 3500 zł
Ceramic crown (zirconium) 2200 zł
Crown removal 100 zł
Relaxation splint 400 zł
Kois programmer 650 zł
Full denture 1500 zł
Skeletal prosthesis from 2500 zł
Skeletal denture component (latch, latch, telescope) (piece) 500 zł