Our standards

At EndoDentist, we are always guided by the good of the patient. Your comfort, safety as well as effectiveness and durability of the treatment we offer are our priority.


Convenient location

Our clinic is located in the northern part of Krakow, in the vicinity of Pilotów, Młyńska, Lublańska, Dobrego Pasterza streets, Młyńskie roundabout, Barei roundabout, in the immediate vicinity of Quattro Business Park, Alma Tower, Castorama, Alma, Water Park in Krakow and Serenada Shopping Center. You can easily reach us by car, public transport (stops ‘Miechowity’, ‘Rondo Młyńskie’, ‘Olsza II’), as well as by bicycle or scooter – the bicycle path leads to the door of EndoDentist, and the Wavelo city bike station is 20m from our office. Check the details in the Contact tab.

Free Parking

You can park at EndoDentist without fees and without a time limit. You can also leave your bicycle safely in front of the clinic.

Comfort and convenience

At EndoDentist you will not feel the characteristic smell of a dentist that you remember from your childhood. From the doorstep, you will be greeted by our smiling Reception and the smell of fresh flowers. The whole clinic is air-conditioned and has a mechanical ventilation system, which is why it is pleasantly cool even on the hottest days. We have equipped our clinic with very comfortable dental chairs from the renowned Stern Weber company.

Oral hygiene kits

While at our clinic, you can use the free oral hygiene kit. Brushes and tooth pastes are available in the patients’ bathroom.


We value the time of our patients. When scheduling your visit we inform you about the estimated duration and we make every effort to ensure that each patient is received on time.

On-site diagnostics

Modern dentistry is distinguished by the fact that almost all diagnostics can be carried out on site without leaving the clinic. It is convenient for both the patient and the doctor – it saves time and money. At EndoDentist, we perform spot X-ray  (important for root canal treatment under a microscope), panthomographic X ray, photographic documentation and recording from intraoral cameras. All these images are an integral part of medical records.

Price transparency

At EndoDentist, we believe that the patient has the right to know how much he will pay for treatment. For this reason, the dentist always presents a treatment plan with an estimate before starting treatment. See what the first visit to EndoDentist looks like step by step. In addition, you can check individual items from the price list directly on our website.

Painless treatments

At EndoDentist, we are sensitive to pain, which is why we perform all procedures under local anesthesia.

Payment method

We accept payments in cash, by credit card and prepayment by bank transfer.