dentist Robert Brzeziński

Dr. Robert is a graduate of the medical and dental field at the Faculty of Dentistry of the Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. After graduation, he became fascinated by the world of modern dentistry and the possibilities offered by working with an intraoral scanner, a surgical microscope, a rubber dam and a camera.

At EndoDentist, he deals with conservative treatment as well as root canal treatment and aesthetic tooth reconstruction under microscopic magnification.

Dr. Robert always listens carefully to his patients, wanting to understand their expectations – he is the embodiment of patience and empathy. As he says: “At work, I care primarily about the high quality of the services provided, I do not accept half-measures. I look at the patient holistically and individually, because each person is different and has different expectations and needs.”

It is safe to say that Dr. Robert is one of those lucky people for whom work is also a hobby. He has an incredible passion and curiosity about news from the world of dentistry, which he uses in his everyday work.